Cosmo is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused in treating selected Gastrointestinal Disorders and Endoscopy support. The blend of our knowledge of the colon and the unique characteristics of the MMX®technology gives us a strong competitive edge in developing new applications for the colon without having to primarily resort to the expensive and risky pure research process for new chemical entities.

Product Portfolio Strategy

Cosmo’s product portfolio strategy is focused on the treatment of diseases of the colon, primarily on Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) and colon cancer prevention. To date, the majority of gastroenterologists treating IBD have followed a step-up strategy, first prescribing 5-ASA-based pharmaceutical products to their patients, then moving on to corticosteroids, then on to immunosuppressants and finally to biologic products. So after developing the 5-ASA product, the Company set about to identify corticosteroids, and biologics whose efficacy or safety profile could be improved by the MMX® technology.

In endoscopic procedures to reduce the risk of Colon Cancer, the Company is focusing on the area of colon cancer prevention by developing LuMeBlue which is intended to make it easier for endoscopists to identify potentially dangerous polyps, small adenomas, and cancers, on Eleview™, a submucosal injectable composition that makes the removal of such polyps, adenomas and cancers easier and on the development of a new in-licensed procedural sedation agent Remimazulam, which is intended to make sedation shorter and safer.

Distribution Strategy

Cosmo's products are generally prescribed by gastroenterologists and selected general practitioners. This makes a targeted marketing by a relatively small sales force possible. After assessing its then available options, the Company decided to license its first products to established companies. Lialda® was licensed to Shire, Uceris® to Salix/Valeant, Cortiment® to Ferring and Rifamycin to Dr. Falk.

Following the approval of Eleview™, and the good data from the phase III for LuMeBlue and Rifamycin SV, the company has decided to build up an own distribution organization in the US which is intended to market Eleview Zemcolo, LuMeBlue and and the in-licensed product Remimazulam in the US territory once these are approved.

Manufacturing Strategy

The experience gained by years of manufacturing was the basis for the establishment of the MMX®technology. It allows the delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients into the lumen of the colon through tablets in a delayed and controlled extent with the effect that the pharmaceutical products can be applied to the full length of the colon. Cosmo wants to retain and continuously expand this expertise and strives to manufacture all of its own products. The Company is increasingly moving its production capacity to products of higher complexity for which it can retain a greater part of the value added. Classical low-volatility contract pharmaceutical product manufacturing is the least profitable segment, the manufacturing of generics, where the Company provides services that go beyond the sole manufacturing, are considerably more lucrative and the highest profits can be achieved in the manufacturing of its own products. It is the Company’s strategy to identify opportunities within each segment, thus not only increasing manufacturing profitability but also continuously expanding its excellence in manufacturing.
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