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The board of directors of Cosmo Pharmaceuticals NV at its meeting of July 28, 2016 resolved to pay out a dividend of EUR 1.40 per share on September 15, 2016 to all its shareholders of record at September 1, 2016.

 A withholding tax of 20% must be deducted in Ireland on dividends paid. An exemption is available in certain circumstances for recipients who are qualifying non-resident persons who are resident for tax purposes in an EU Member State other than Ireland or in a country with which Ireland has a Double Taxation Agreement.

Please refer to the link below to the Irish Revenue Commissioners for further information.

All Cosmo investors that want to avail themselves to an exemption from Irish dividend withholding tax may do so through a qualified intermediary.  A qualifying intermediary (QI) is a person (e.g. a nominee or a custodian) whose trade consists of or includes the receipt of distributions on behalf of other persons. The Dividend Withholding Tax scheme provides for the common situation where distributions are made through intermediaries.

In order to operate the Dividend Withholding Tax scheme, a qualifying intermediary must be authorized by the Irish Revenue Commissioners, and this authorization can be revoked by the Commissioners if certain conditions set out in legislation are not complied with by the qualifying intermediary. The Irish Revenue Commissioners are obliged to maintain a list of all currently-authorized qualifying intermediaries. Anyone wishing to find out whether the intermediary they use or intend to use is authorized by the Irish Revenue Commissioners, should contact DWT Section at the address and numbers listed above. This information is also available on the

List of Authorized Qualifying Intermediaries and Authorized Withholding Agents.

For Cosmo shareholders it is recommended that they determine whether the bank at which their Cosmo shares are held is listed as a qualifying intermediary.

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