Cosmo pharmaceuticals


To improve people’s lives by developing innovative products that address significant unmet medical needs and improve clinical outcomes in the field of gastroenterology, dermatology and healthtech.

Cosmo has demonstrated the ability to successfully identify unmet medical needs, manage the drug development process and obtain regulatory approval for new products. Cosmo then licenses its approved products to partners with strong marketing and sales expertise.

In dermatology area, we are driven by the goal to treat persistent skin conditions, like acne and androgenetic alopecia that have a long-term physical and emotional impact on lives and self-esteem.

Cosmo’s therapeutic focus is on the oral and endoscopic treatment of colon diseases, primarily bowel diseases and colorectal cancer prevention.

Cosmo’s strong links to the specialist physician community provide a continuous flow of information with which we design new products to meet the challenge of preventing and treating gastro-intestinal diseases or improve the quality of endoscopic examination.