Cosmo pharmaceuticals


Our strategy is built on innovation, meeting unmet medical needs, improving clinical outcomes and improving patient safety.

Cosmo develops pharmaceutical products based on its know-how. The Company’s proprietary MMX® technology allows the delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients into the lumen of the colon, throughout the full length of the colon.

Cosmo’s therapeutic focus is on gastrointestinal diseases and dermatology.

In gastroenterology our focus is to improve the safety profile and efficacy of molecules that are already on the market.

In dermatology we aim to develop new molecules which have minimal side-effects.

In healthtech we are developing cutting-edge intelligent medical devices to assist with clinical decision-making; our first device aids endoscopists in the detection of colonic mucosal lesions.

We have a risk-averse financial approach and adequate cash reserves to execute our strategy.

Our overriding objective is to achieve superior long-term returns for shareholders while minimising risks.