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Human Resources

Human Resources

Protecting Company Technology

A robust and secure technology infrastructure is essential to the efficient operation of our Business. Employees are required to help us achieve this operational objective. Responsible use of our hardware, software and mobile devices is always required. The use of this technology should be for business use only.

Please be aware that in line with Cosmo’s policy of cooperating with governmental authorities, in certain circumstances, it may be necessary to share correspondence to comply with legal proceedings. Employees must always treat their communications with the utmost care and respect.

To ensure Cosmo’s commitment to driving operational excellence, employees must:

  • Always be respectful and use appropriate language when communicating on the company’s network and using its devices.
  • Keep personal use to a minimum.
  • Take necessary precautions to protect business assets.

Safeguarding Intellectual Property

Intellectual property includes patents, trademarks, copyrights, registered designs, trade secrets and domain names. Cosmo takes the necessary actions to protect its Intellectual Property.

In order to safeguard Cosmo’s Intellectual Property, employees are required to:

  • Keep Cosmo’s confidential information private and to not share it with parties outside Cosmo without prior written consent.
  • Be observant for potential infringements and copying of Cosmo’s Intellectual Property as well as ideas that could help Cosmo to grow and develop further.

Protecting Confidential Company Information

Our success is built on experience gained over years in business. The confidential information acquired needs to be protected. The development of this information is the result of continual and committed hard work and investment.

To ensure Cosmo’s continued success our employees are required not to share this information in any way that would negatively affect the company’s performance or allow our competitors to gain an advance using leaked information.

Cosmo also has a duty to protect any confidential information that belongs to others.

Cosmo’s employees must:

  • Not discuss sensitive information in public places.
  • Seek approval, and where necessary, have the proposed recipient sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to sharing confidential information outside of Cosmo.
  • Be cognisant that Cosmo’s competitors may be seeking our confidential business information.
  • Report any loss or theft of company devices immediately.

Good Records Management Principles

Our records and information are invaluable assets and core to the operation of our business. Cosmo maintains these records in compliance with best practice and applicable laws and regulations.

Employees must always be mindful of the importance of following these procedures and guidelines as failure to do so could result in sanctions or fines. Employees are encouraged to constantly keep themselves up to date with the latest policies and procedures and all applicable laws and regulations.