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Our Community

Our Community

We recognise that creating a safe and pleasant work environment is essential for the welfare of our employees.

At Cosmo, we believe the diversity of our employees contributes to the success of the company.

As part of Cosmo’s work ethic, we continuously encourage employees to:

  • Bring their skills and experiences to Cosmo and to help support our open and collaborative working environment.
  • Not engage in any form of harassment and/or discrimination against co-workers. Senior management must offer all workers the same opportunities so that everyone can enjoy fair treatment based on merit and capacity without discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, nationality, religious belief, political or union affiliation.
  • Support all colleagues in a positive manner
  • When recruiting, to arrive at a rounded decision without any form of discrimination. Be objective and take a candidate’s, experience, previous work performance, ability and skills set into consideration.
  • Be aware of the local market and local employment laws.

A pleasant work environment at Cosmo is key to our values and it is the responsibility of each person working at Cosmo to ensure that harassment or intimidation of any kind does not occur. Be it with work colleagues, patients or those we do business with, Cosmo’s inherent culture is one of respect and integrity.

We require employees to avoid situations which could be perceived as harassment. All employees are encouraged to report any situation that has made them feel uncomfortable to management.

As part of Cosmo’s commitment, we do not tolerate:

  • Purposely undermining a colleague
  • Targeting a colleague for special negative treatment
  • Tarnishing a colleague’s reputation
  • Socially excluding or isolating a colleague
  • Intimidating a colleague
  • Aggressive or obscene behaviour towards another colleague
  • Jokes that should have been perceived as offensive towards one person
  • Intrusion by pestering

Speaking Up

Management is expected to facilitate a pleasant and safe working environment for our employees to work in. Employees are actively encouraged to bring any concerns they may have to the attention of management who will endeavour to address them promptly and effectively.

Employees who are not comfortable talking to their manger, can consult a member of the legal or human resources team who will kindly assist them.

Cosmo encourages employees to speak up if they have concerns around anything raised in this code of conduct.

Maintaining a Safe and Secure Workplace

Our strategy is to provide a pleasant, safe and secure place to work. We advocate a healthy lifestyle and have policies and procedures in place to help prevent accidents or injuries while at work. The use of alcohol or drugs while at work is prohibited.

At Cosmo, we maintain a work environment in which we rely on employees to:

  • Never abuse alcohol or drugs.
  • Ask the question is what you are doing safe or might your actions be dangerous or harmful to your colleagues?
  • Follow all building security procedures on site.
  • If any threatening or potentially violent scenarios are witnessed to inform management or seek assistance from security without delay.
  • Report any unsafe acts or conditions to management immediately.

Health and safety

Cosmo constantly monitors its procedures and processes to ensure that the health and safety of all personnel is protected and the risk of accidents or incidents occurring is minimised.

From a job category perspective, employment at Cosmo can either be grouped into office activities, research and analysis activities or manufacturing activities. With respect to research and analysis activities, strict policies are in place with regard to the handling of dangerous substances. Manufacturing activities, which consist primarily of manufacturing, packaging and handling of pharmaceuticals, have strict internal work-flow processes which are designed to ensure that the risk of accidents occurring is minimised.