Cosmo pharmaceuticals


Cosmo Pharmaceuticals is committed to acting responsibility in our relationships with our partners, employees, suppliers and communities. We are committed to the highest ethical standards when conducting business, acting in an environmentally responsible manner and respecting the dignity of our employees, suppliers and partners. We maintain a safe and healthy work environment and we are committed to the implementation of sustainable business practices across our operations.

You can read our 2023 ESG Report here.

Our Work Environment

We recognise that creating a safe and pleasant work environment is essential for the welfare of our employees and to the success of our company.

The Marketplace

It is Cosmo’s overarching policy to conduct our business ethically and in a free and fair marketplace.

Personal Integrity and Code of Conduct

We believe that acting with integrity is essential to our success and we have developed a Code of Conduct which sets out the principles and standards which we expect our employees to adhere to.

Our Clinical Trials

Our clinical trials are designed to the highest scientific and clinical standards.

Our Products – Quality, Safety and Adverse Events

How we grow, manage and develop our product offering is key to the ongoing success of Cosmo.