Cosmo pharmaceuticals


The Company developed a range of pharmaceutical products that are mostly based on its Multi Matrix MMX® technology. This technology allows the delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients mainly into the lumen of the colon through tablet erosion in a delayed and controlled manner. This process guarantees the application of the active pharmaceutical ingredients to the full length of the colon.

The Company’s proprietary clinical development pipeline specifically addresses innovative treatments for Colonic Diseases, with the group’s first product Lialda® launched in the US and EU, with Uceris® launched in the US and Cortiment® launched in several European countries and other parts of the world.

Some of the other products include GI Genius™, the first-to-market artificial intelligence (AI) endoscopic module for the detection of lesions during colonoscopy. The device is approved in Europe (it is a CE-marked medical device) and in April 2021 was approved by the FDA. Cosmo has entered into a worldwide distribution agreement. 

Winlevi® is a first in class topical androgen receptor inhibitor that tackles the androgen hormone component of acne in both males and females and received FDA approval in 2020.

In August 2020, Lumeblue® (Methylene Blue MMX®) was approved in the EU for the visualization of colorectal lesions during colonoscopy. 

In 2018 FDA approved Aemcolo® for the treatment of Travelers’ Diarrhoea caused by non-invasive strains of Escherichia coli in adults, the first antibiotic with MMX® technology. The application of MMX® technology to rifamycin SV allows the antibiotic to be delivered directly into the colon, avoiding unwanted systemic side effects.

In September 2015 the FDA approved the Company’s first medical device Eleview®, a submucosal injectable composition intended to make the excision of polyps and adenomas easier. Eleview® was launched in 2017 in the US and is currently available in US, EU, Canada, and Japan. 

Byfavo® (remimazolam) is an ultra-short-acting intravenous benzodiazepine sedative/anesthetic. It is a sedation agent for the induction and maintenance of procedural sedation in adults undergoing procedures lasting 30 minutes or less. Byfavo® was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in July 2020.